UK Google Market Share 2008

Following our post last year on Google UK’s market share in 2007, here are some figures providing an indication of Google’s Market share in the UK in 2008. Hitwise are providing the numbers again, and in a relatively short sampling period during March 2008, they found Google to be holding a market share 87.5%, 10 percentage points greater than the same figures for 2007. They found 73.7% to be using, and 13.8% Clearly Yahoo, Microsoft and Ask among others have therefore lost ground to their primary competitor.

UK Google Market Share 2008

Particularly interesting in the same report was the statistics regarding the proportion of users opting to use Google’s ‘Pages from the UK’ search option. The report confirms intuition by showing only 13.6% of searchers to make use of this facility. This will help you decide the relative value of a TLD vs. a .com or alternative (a search for ‘Pages from the UK’ will only return pages with a TLD).

For more details, click through hitwise.

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