Profile is the trading name of Iain Porter, a consultant with 10 years experience designing, building, supporting and maintaining websites and web applications.   The primary benefits of working with Iain are:

  1. Cost Effectiveness
    With broad expertise, Iain has fewer administrative, logistical & communication overheads than larger organisations.
  2. Speed and Quality of Response
    Iain will be your single point of contact, able to offer an immediate, thorough understanding of every angle of the project.
  3. Agency and Consultancy Experience
    Iain offers the best of both worlds, such as an agency’s standards and a consultant’s flexibility.
  4. Clear accountability
    Iain’s reputation and career depend on the success of every project.
  5. A personal service
    Iain places a high value on his relationship with his clients and the quality of work this facilitates.
  6. Dependency Free
    Iain strives to avoid dependencies between the client and himself or the project’s chosen platform.
  7. Flexibility
    Iain is always willing to accommodate client needs to ensure project progression and satisfaction.
  8. Dedication and Passion
    Iain has a keen interest in technology and design, constantly pushing himself to produce a higher quality of work.


Iain makes a point of developing and maintaining strong relationships with trusted industry peers who fulfill niche skill requirements and support business continuity.

"a great communicator with an easy going yet professional and articulate manner"

Denise Ross
UX Designer Barclays Bank PLC

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