Barclays Stockbrokers PLC

“Iain and I worked together as part of a large team spread between the UK and Singapore. Our role was to design and document the user interfaces for a large and often complex website/share dealing platform.

Iain clearly has a deep understanding of user needs and business goals and an ability to translate these into well documented designs from which developers can implement solutions. This is backed up with a sound technical ability and I was particularly impressed by his JavaScript skills. Accessibility was a key objective for the project and Iain was tasked with ensuring the site achieved the standards set out from third party test results.

Beyond his in-depth knowledge and technical ability Iain is a great communicator with an easy going yet professional and articulate manner.

To summarise, my overall impression is that Iain has a rare mix of skills. Where it is usual for one person to specialise in a particular area, Iain has a solid ability in all aspects of creating a successful user interface.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Iain and have no doubt he will shine wherever he goes.”

Denise Ross, UX Designer Barclays Bank PLC

"Iain marries technical ability with an understanding of the project's bigger picture and the needs of its stakeholders”

Laurence Hughes
Technical Director 2FluidCreative

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