Govan has a rich heritage but has fallen on harder times since the closure of the shipping industry.  In response, Glasgow’s Regeneration Agency recently commissioned to design a website that would inspire people in and around Govan to live, work, play and invest in the town and it’s community.

The result is a cheerful, community-friendly design that presents Govan’s heritage, current events and future plans in a fun, interactive way.  It entices potential visitors and investors into learning more about what Govan has to offer, and enourages those already living in the town to get involved in it’s redevelopment.  It also brings to the fore GRA’s key initiatives CGAP and THI, funded by Glasgow City Council and the Township Heritage Initative.

Here’s what the team at GRA had to say about our work:

Following a competitive tender exercise, we hired to design and build a website for Central Govan Action Plan and Govan Cross Townscape Heritage Initiative in 2012. He was a pleasure to work with, very helpful and patient in spite of our the many changes we made to the project as we went along! We were very happy with the final product and the training he gave us in using WordPress etc.  Great value for money. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Iain to anyone looking for a friendly, competent web developer!

"The site has consistently attracted praise and admiration from around the world"

Alan McCaffery
Chairman IRAC

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