Web Application Development for Safety Programme Manager Ltd

“When SPM needed a website doubling as a shop window and business platform, we consulted the Scottish Enterprise list of approved service providers and reviewed ten firms we thought might best suit our needs before inviting five to provide their vision from a supplied brief then finally selecting three to pitch.

All three developers were capable of delivering our requirements to a greater or lesser extent. However, intraspin.com were different, in that they listened more intently and presented their pitch based around our brief in a simple and clever way. The other two firms very clearly wanted to mould our requirements around their creative preconceptions. Not only had Iain Porter put the work in, he had listened and latched on to a key element in the brief – simplicity, and came up with what became the broad platform we still work on three years later, which we, as non-techies find reliable and easy to operate. We regard our intraspin.com designed and built platform as the most vital part of our business.

On service, we have always been able to get intraspin.com on the case and any issues closed-out within the day and we are delighted to state that we have suffered no service outages since our site went live in 2008. SPM regards its supply partners as a precious asset and we value those who value us, which is testament to the fact that intraspin.com have been our web-partners since we started-up and are currently working on the next stage of our platform’s development. We know Iain will provide us with what we ask for, at the agreed budget and on the required date. His inherent understanding of how we do business underlines that. That’s why we’re with inraspin.com for the long term.”

Alister Thomson, Director SPM

"We're with inraspin.com for the long term."

Alister Thomson
Director SPM

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